Rechargeable LED Bulbs 4 In 1 Combo Pack | Fast Track Dubai

Rechargeable LED Bulbs 4 In 1 Combo Pack

Rechargeable LED bulbs 4 In 1 combo pack is offered by Fast Track Electronics. Fast Track Electronics is one of the leading brands in Dubai which offers bulk deals in Electronics, Home Appliances, Lighting Solutions.

Today Fast Track Electronics provides Rechargeable LED Bulbs 4 in 1 combo pack. In this offer, they will give 4 rechargeable LED bulbs named Ezaka in one pack with affordable rates. 

These rechargeable LED bulbs can work up to 5 hours in DC voltage. It takes 8 - 10 hours to recharge. The Ezaka bulbs come in cool white light with white outer covering. It is easy to handle and maintain. Buy this wonderful product now.

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