Scotch Brite Flat Mop - Easy floor cleaning

Scotch-Brite Flat Mop and refill combo for Magic Easy floor cleaning

Sweep and mop in one go!
Does Brooming and mopping together
Superior Micro-Fibre cloth lifts and traps dirt
Increase and decrease the height with the adjustable handle
360 degree rotating head
Comes with scraper to easily clean the mop head
Easy to change refill mechanism

Scotch-Brite Flat Mop for you Easy Cleaning

Your floor cleaning is an easy task now. Because if you buy Scotch Brite Flat Mop, you can easily manage the cleaning process. Scotch Brite flat mop is entirely different from other mops available in market. Only scotch brite mop can can make your floor cleaning much easier. While you use other brand mops, the dust and stains may remains on your floor. Scotch brite alone can give a shiny floor. Scotch Brite Mops help you for easy floor cleaning.

Advantages of Using Scotch Brite Flat Mops

There are many advantage for using Scotch brite flat mops for your floor cleaning. There are many brooms and mops available in the market that promise you a clean floor.  However most of these brooms help in pushing the dust and no matter how hard you try, some or the other dust remains on the floor. And post the brooming you will need a separate wet mop to ensure a shining floor. To make your life easier Scotch-Brite introduces the Scotch-Brite Flat Mop which will help solve all the above problems. A one of a kind mop that helps in both the brooming and moping process together.


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