Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Fast Track Emergency Light FT-253 LED | Fast Track Dubai

Emergency lights for home

Experience the luxury from Fast Track home appliances. The best home appliances brand in Dubai introduces FT - 253 LED emergency lights for home use. This LED emergency light is rechargeable. Its sleek design is easy to use and handles are strong. This LED emergency lantern can be used to give light up to 36 hours with just 7 hours of charging. Buy this cool emergency light using Fast Track online shopping request form.

Monday, 27 February 2017

Emergency Light Online - Powermax

Fast Track Home Appliances introduces their new product named as Fast Track Emergency Light - Powermax. Power supply required for this model is 220 - 240V. Powermax requires 16 - 20 hours to recharge. Using this charge it can work 28 hours in normal mode and approximately 12 hours in bright mode. Fast Track uses 16 Triple Ezaka LED for Powermax emergency light. Use the below link to order this product.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Best Flashlight Torch Dubai

best torch lights in dubai

Introducing the best torch light in Dubai. Use Fast Track Torch lights for more range of vision. Fast Track is a well-known brand in home appliances and lighting solutions. We are providing the best flashlight torch in Dubai. This flashlight torch named as Fast Track FT - 2233 NL. It is one of the brightest LED Torchlight. It needs a charging time of 10 hours and you can use this flashlight torch for around 150 minutes. Be prepared for emergencies by having Fast Track Flashlight torch FT - 2233 NL.

Properties Of Rechargeable Torch Light FT - 2233 NL

  • Size: 218mm X 48mm
  • Lamp: CREE R4 LED
  • Battery: Ni-Cd 1900mAh
  • Recharging Time:10 hours
  • StandBy Time: 150 minutes
  • Range: 3000 meter
  • Waterproof model
  • Bright light 
  • Push button for quick action

For more details contact our Sales team by placing an order in the below link.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Best Torch Light Brand In UAE | Fast Track

best torch light brand in uae
Rechargeable LED Flashlight FT - 4600 with 100000 hours life for LED bulb. It has a range of 2500 meters with the sharp and bright beam. The rechargeable battery requires around 10 hours time and continuous working for 240 minutes. The case is created with Aircraft Aluminium body which fights against corrosion. This torch light is shock & Water resistant. The torch comes in a black color metallic body which is safe to handle. 

Enjoy the best features from Fast Track Home appliances with an ease. Contact our website for more details or just click the below link for more information. 

Friday, 17 February 2017

Best CFL Bulb For Living Room - FT-64 HPE

best cfl bulb for living room FT 64 HPE

Fast Track is one of the best company which provides good quality CFL & LED bulbs in bulk. They take utmost care to deliver high-quality products to their customers. Their one of the best CFL bulb for the living room is FT - 64 HPE CFL bulb. It is energy efficient. This CFL bulb takes 15 Watt power to operate. FT - 64 HPE CFL bulbs provides a cool daylight color. It has a beautiful shape too. You can buy CFL bulbs online for your indoor and outdoor uses. You can select from the various CFL bulbs available in our CFL bulbs overview page. Just select the CFL bulb that you need to buy online and in the upcoming page click on the "Get A Quote" button. There a popup window will appear. You need to fill the details and our sales team will contact you. Please go through the below link to place your order.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Fast Track Emergency Light - FT 55 LED | Fast Track Dubai

best emergency light lower price fast track

Dubai's best home appliance brand Fast Track provides high-quality emergency lights with LED bulbs for online sale. This rechargeable emergency lights with reasonable rates can be purchased online. It takes 7 hours to charge completely. It has an inbuilt AC to DC adaptor for charging. Emergency lights become an important demand in Dubai because people from other countries started to migrate to Dubai. Then they would like to provide some gifts for their family members and relatives emergency lights are the best choice.

Follow the below link to get more information about purchasing Emergency Light FT 55 LED.

Monday, 13 February 2017

Fast Track Crisp Trimmers | Fast Track Dubai

fast track crisp trimmers
No man compromises when it comes to his beard. Everyone want a crisp, sharp or precise shaped beards and mustaches. Some often find it very hard to get good Trimmers that does this job perfectly. Fast Track crisp trimmers are designed for Crisp and perfect shaping. They are easy to use and doesn't take time to charge as other models in the market. So order Fast Track Crisp Trimmers from the official website of Fast Track today itself. 

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Flashlight in Ajman Best Buy Online | Fast Track Electronics

Flashlight in Ajman Best Buy Online | Fast Track Electronics

                            Be a Light To The World - Fast Track FlashLight
flashlight in ajman

A flashlight is your best tool in giving extra light to your life. FastTrack flashlight is one of the main sites that giving the best quality Flashlight in Ajman. It is small enough to fit into your pocket. Fast track flashlight gives outstanding force and battery reliability. Fast Track flashlight providing the same quality of light and brightness after every use, making this a truly unique device. Purchase Fast Track flashlight from our official site today and spread the light to your life.

Best Flashlights Buy Online | Fast Track Electronics

Best Flashlights Buy Online | Fast Track Electronics

                                     AVOID DARKNESS

no1 flashlight in dubai

Flash Track Flashlight is the best choice for people that need an effective electric light that offers perfect brightness each time they use it. It provides all the reliability of an expensive, high-powered option at half the price. This is waterproof flashlight is also highly durable and easy to use in any environment.  "Pick our product and avoid the darkness." 

Flashlight In Abu Dhabi Buy Online - Fast Track Electronics

Flashlight In Abu Dhabi Buy Online - Fast Track Electronics

fast track flashlight
Fast Track Electronics is one of the best websites that provides high quality with best features flashlight in Abu Dhabi. The beam of flashlight covers a long distance and function up to 6 hours.The light works well in wet conditions and will not be damaged. Connect with us and pick the best products.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Flashlight in Sharjah Best Buy Online | Fast Track Electronics

Flashlight in Sharjah Best Buy Online | Fast Track Electronics

Fast Track Electronics is one of the leading website that provides the best flashlight in Sharjah, UAE. This flashlight is very user-friendly and easy to carry along. As it has a bright light that travels about 800m and also you get a battery life of about 10 hours. Buy Fast Track Flashlight online from our official website by clicking on the above link.
flashlight in sharjah

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Dazzling Flashlight in Dubai | Fast Track Electronics

Dazzling Flashlight in Dubai | Fast Track Electronics

FastTrack is a universal brand of spotlights offering a scope of rechargeable and basic cell electric lamps – with a decision of LED or traditional light sources. In addition, FastTrack takes the LED lighting to the next level, bragging a cutting edge CREE and an extraordinary high Lumen yield that puts contending lights to disgrace. In brief, We offer you a one of a kind blend of renewable power and outstanding execution. Simple to utilize and light weight, this torch is ideal as a searchlight, walking assistance light, emergency light, study light, mining light, railway light, security assistance light, spot light, camp light, forest light and many more uses.


Fast Track Electric Kettle - EK-145 Features

Fast Track Electric Kettle - EK-145 | Fast Track Dubai

Fast Track Electric Kettle EK 145

One of the latest Electric kettle model provided by Fast Track is named as Fast Track Electric Kettle - EK - 145. 

Silent Features of Electric Kettle EK 145

Capacity: 1.7 L
Ideal for make coffee or tea in the office. This kettle can hold around 3 glasses of drinks. 

360 Degree Rotational Stainless Steel Kettle
You can replace the kettle to face any direction on the base.

Boil Dry Protection
This means that the kettle won't work with a low volume of water.

Automatic Slow Lip Opening
It is an added feature to avoid leakage and to make durable.

Concealed Heating Element
The heating element is hidden and so that we can clean the kettle easily.

Uses of Vacuum Flask 1009 | Fast Track Dubai

Fast Track Vacuum Flask 1009 | Fast Track Dubai
Fast Track Vaccum Flask 1009 buy Online

Fast Track Vaccum Flask 1009 is designed in order to handle it easily. It is also known as the thermos. The capacity for this model is 1.9 L. We can use it for keeping hot and cold liquids for a long time. It is apt for travelers who need to hold hot drinks with them. The spout design is new and useful for smooth water flow. This product is available online from Fast Track website.