Sunday, 15 October 2017

Ariel Matic Top Load Detergent Washing Powder

Ariel Matic Top Load Detergent Washing Powder - 2 kg

    Best used for top load fully automatic washing machines
    Ariel Matic gives brilliant stain removal in 1 wash for top loading washing machines
    Ariel is the no 1 brand recommended by LG
    Has the built-in power of bar, brush and blue
    Contains up to 2x more active ingredients vs hand wash detergents

Benefits of Buying Ariel Matic Top Load Detergent Washing Powder

Ariel Matic Washing power is best detergent ever produced for Top load washing machines. It is suitable for all types of Top load washing machines. Ariel Matic gently and simply clean your cloths. Good life for your cloths assured by the usage of Ariel Matic detergent washing power. The efficient stain removal system available with Airel brightens your cloths and give long life to them. The crystals available in the Arient matic detergent will give additional freshness to your cloths. The smooth fragrance available with the washing power keep your cloths with attractive.

Why you Buy Ariel Matic Top Load Ditergent for your Washing Machines

You can make your cloths stain free with a sing wash and same time your washish machines remains stainless by the usage of Ariel Matic. Because there many washing powers available in market which can damage the machine parts quickly.

Especially designed to be used in top loading machines, ariel matic offers brilliant stain removal for full loads. Not only that, but it provides deep down cleaning and long lasting freshness for any load. Especially formulated for fully automatic washing machines, it has upto 2x more active ingredients vs hand wash detergent. Ariel matic’s cutting edge technology provides impeccable cleaning for all your clothes, and removed tough stains like coffee, ketchup and gravy. Ariel matic comes in a white carton box that offers more than just packaging. Take a look for some great laundry tips. Based on technical tests up to 2x more stain fighting ingredients when compared to ordinary hand wash detergents, such as tide naturals.

Scotch Brite Flat Mop - Easy floor cleaning

Scotch-Brite Flat Mop and refill combo for Magic Easy floor cleaning

Sweep and mop in one go!
Does Brooming and mopping together
Superior Micro-Fibre cloth lifts and traps dirt
Increase and decrease the height with the adjustable handle
360 degree rotating head
Comes with scraper to easily clean the mop head
Easy to change refill mechanism

Scotch-Brite Flat Mop for you Easy Cleaning

Your floor cleaning is an easy task now. Because if you buy Scotch Brite Flat Mop, you can easily manage the cleaning process. Scotch Brite flat mop is entirely different from other mops available in market. Only scotch brite mop can can make your floor cleaning much easier. While you use other brand mops, the dust and stains may remains on your floor. Scotch brite alone can give a shiny floor. Scotch Brite Mops help you for easy floor cleaning.

Advantages of Using Scotch Brite Flat Mops

There are many advantage for using Scotch brite flat mops for your floor cleaning. There are many brooms and mops available in the market that promise you a clean floor.  However most of these brooms help in pushing the dust and no matter how hard you try, some or the other dust remains on the floor. And post the brooming you will need a separate wet mop to ensure a shining floor. To make your life easier Scotch-Brite introduces the Scotch-Brite Flat Mop which will help solve all the above problems. A one of a kind mop that helps in both the brooming and moping process together.

Coolnut CMPBSUN-27 20000mAh PowerBank

Coolnut CMPBSUN-27 20000mAh PowerBank with Rubber Coating, 3- USB Charging Port, 3 Micro USB Cable (Black)

Technical Specifications of  Coolnut CMPBSUN-27 20000mAh PowerBank

Item Weight331 g
Product Dimensions13.6 x 6.8 x 2.4 cm
Batteries:2 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
Item model numberPLM05ZM
Special features 2* DC 5.1V / 2.4A 9V / 2A 12V / 1.5A MAX18W
Weight 330 Grams
Colour White
Battery Power Rating 20000
Whats in the box 1 Powerbank, MicroUSB Charging Cable

Why need to buy Coolnut CMPBSUN-27 20000mAh PowerBank

ULTRA HIGH CAPACITY: Huge 20000 mAh Capacity to support you smart phones. Charge your devices multiple times. Especially during travel your device could loose its charge quickly. Coolnut CMPBSUN-27 20000mAh PowerBank is good asset for regular travelers. Because they were in dare need for communication. Usage of their smart phone is very important for them

Stylish device for your Power back up 

Style with Durability: Premium quality silicon rubber coating shell case finished on durable ABS+PC offers great elegance. Anti-slip and perfect grip feel always.

    THREE USB OUTPUT PORTS: Charge three (3) devices at a time with a power output of 2.1A
    HIGH QUALITY ACCESSORIES:- 1 x Power Bank, 2 x Micro USB Long Cable 2.4A,1 x Micro USB Short Cable 2.4A,1 x User Manual, 1 x Warranty Card, 1 x Customer Care Card
    WARRANTY : 1 Year manufacture warranty on Power Bank and 6 Month manufacture warranty on Accessories from the date of purchase.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Best Mixer Grinder with 3 Jar - Bajaj Rex - 500 Watt

Buy Best 3 Jar Mixer Grinder by Bajaj - Model Rex 

This one of the best kitchen friendly product suitable for all type of
domestic usages. It does not need any additional installation or fitting.
If any assistance needed to operate the product, just call the 24 X 7 customer care with this number 18001025963

Product details - Bajaj Rex - 500 Watt 3 Jar Mixer Grinder

    Product Dimensions: 16.6 x 11.2 x 5.5 cm ; 3.4 Kg
    Item model number: Rex
    Date first available at 1 January 2017

Check out other Features of Bajaj Rex 500 Watt 3 Jar Mixer Grinder

  1. This product is made up with strong stainless steel
  2. You don't need to worry about rusting and any other decay of its body.
  3. It is multi purpose 3 jay Mixer Grinder
  4. You can easily extract juice using these high performance Mixer Grinder

Saturday, 15 July 2017

High Quality Flashlight in Abu Dhabi | Fast Track Dubai

Check this high quality flashlight in Abu dhabi, from fast track electronics. The sleek design and shiny black surface of this flashlight, gives it a perfect look. This flashlight torch is not only great in look but also great in it's features.

Size of this torch light is 212 mm * 48.5 mm and is very handy. This flashlight torch has a high white power light beam which is very useful for a clear view in the darkness. CREE Q5 LEDs are using to create this powerful light beam. CREE LED lights are free from mercury or any toxic materials unlike in other LEDs. Hence they are very environmental friendly.  The batteries are rechargeable and it requires 10 Hours to charge it fully. Ni Cd (Nickel Cadmium) 2 * SC1900 mAh 2.4V  Batteries are used in this rechargeable batteries for fast charging  and long time use. To know more about, please click on the below link.

Friday, 14 July 2017

Buy High Quality Emergency Light Online | Fast Track Dubai

high quality emergency light online
High quality emergency lights are a need to our family. People may feel secure when they see light in the room. The Fast Track emergency lights are produced from high quality materials. The ABS plastic is used to provide durability for the system. And the CREE LED which gives brighter light and can travel to huge distances too. If you are planning to buy emergency lights buy the high quality emergency light from Fast Track. You can use the below link for reference. The LED emergency lights are available in various shapes and colors. Choose your emergency light from the below page.

Buy high quality flashlight in Sharjah | Fast Track Dubai

'Fast Track Waterproof Ranger torch lights' - for low cost !!

High Quality Flashlight in Sharjah
Buy rechargeable waterproof torch lights in Sharjah from Fast Track Electronics. These flashlight torches are one of the best waterproof torches in the world. Fast Track electronics introducing this ranger torches with CREE LED chips which will increase the efficiency of the flashlight with powerful white bright light which is more than 150+ lumens. 

This torch is designed with an aim to use even in under waters. The reflectors used in this ranger torch light can withstand the underwater conditions and the refraction of light in water. Hence  it is very useful to view objects clearly. Ranger torches from fast track has a configuration of 3500 mAh Ni-Cd rechargeable battery, anodised corrosion resisting and water proofing cover, long life LED bulb with approximately 1,00,000 hours life time etc..
To know more  about Fast Track Waterproof Ranger torch lights, click the below link.
Buy high quality flashlight in Sharjah