Fast Track Electric Kettle - EK-145 Features

Fast Track Electric Kettle - EK-145 | Fast Track Dubai

Fast Track Electric Kettle EK 145

One of the latest Electric kettle model provided by Fast Track is named as Fast Track Electric Kettle - EK - 145. 

Silent Features of Electric Kettle EK 145

Capacity: 1.7 L
Ideal for make coffee or tea in the office. This kettle can hold around 3 glasses of drinks. 

360 Degree Rotational Stainless Steel Kettle
You can replace the kettle to face any direction on the base.

Boil Dry Protection
This means that the kettle won't work with a low volume of water.

Automatic Slow Lip Opening
It is an added feature to avoid leakage and to make durable.

Concealed Heating Element
The heating element is hidden and so that we can clean the kettle easily.


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