Fast Track Dubai | Fast Track Electric Kettle - EK-109

Fast Track Dubai | Fast Track Electric Kettle - EK-109

With 1.7-liter water capacity and 1850 watts of power, this electric kettle can quickly bring water to a rolling boil. The kettle has a concealed heating element, ensuring there won't be any build-up of objectionable mineral deposits, flip-back lid for convenient filling or cleaning, a removable/washable spout filter to ensure the purest results and durable and stain resistant high borosilicate glass body. For safety purposes, this kettle is equipped with automatic shut-off, boil-dry protection, secure locking lid and a comfortable handle with a strong grip.  This kettle heats very fast and delivers boiling water almost instantly, in a matter of minutes, hot water will be ready to use for instant tea or coffee, soup, hot cereal, oatmeal or even a box of macaroni.


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